Practice Information


Email: Email communication is reserved for administrative purposes only, such as: supplement orders, confirming appointments, receiving lab results, sending requested information, and clarification of protocol recommendations. Emails are not used for consultations. Medical symptoms and health concerns may only be emailed to be placed in your chart for an upcoming scheduled consultation.

Lab Test Results will be reviewed during appointments only.  If you would like to have labs reviewed and discuss these with Dr. Faust prior to your regularly scheduled appointment, please call to schedule a limited lab consultation for this purpose.

No Show/Cancellation: The scheduled time for your appointment has been reserved specifically for you. Except in emergency situations, if you miss or cancel a scheduled appointment or phone consultation, without providing 2 business days notice, you will be charged a 50% of the scheduled appointment fee. No shows will be charged 100% of the fee.  Because we make every attempt to stay on schedule, if you are late for an appointment, you will only be seen for the remainder of your scheduled time.

Refills: Homeopathic remedies are not available for refill without a follow-up consultation. Refills of nutritional supplements are available for purchase for 6/six months from the last consultation or until the recommended follow-up date indicated on the protocol.

Recommended Follow-Up Schedule: The interval recommended for follow-up appointments is an estimate based on the assessment at your last appointment and the expectation that you are doing well. If your condition changes or does not improve, if there are new lab results, if there needs to be a change to your protocol, or if there is a new health concern including acute illness such as coughs/colds and other infections, please call to schedule an appointment prior to your regularly scheduled follow-up appointment.

Payment:  Payment is due at the time of service and prior to shipping any orders. Cash, check, and credit card accepted.

Product returns:  Returns are accepted for unopened supplements within their expiration date for 90 days from purchase except for probiotics and homeopathic remedies. A restocking fee of 10% will be assessed for returns after 60 days.

Deposit: Due to the length of the initial appointment, we require a 50% deposit when scheduling your initial consultation with Dr. Faust. The deposit is applied towards your initial visit. Half of the deposit is refundable provided we receive at least 2/two business days’ notice of appointment cancellation.

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